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JPI Faculty Insights Podcast

JPI Online’s multimedia endeavor, Faculty Insights, features interviews with NYU professors on current global events.

A note from JPI Online’s Editor-in-Chief:

Roya Lotfi, Editor-in-Chief

For decades people have pondered the question: what influences the decisions that drive our world? Is it power, as IR realists tend to think? Is it alluded to in the popular out-of-context quote: “Money makes the world go round?” Or is it something more abstract like the distinct cultural norms that shape societies around the globe? If you were to ask me why I’m pursuing international relations, I would naively answer that I want to influence world decisions towards positive change. So, I’d better get to the bottom of this puzzle. 

To start off, I don’t have power and I don’t have money, so we can get those two options out of the way. Yet I am an active participant and observer of not just my culture and society, but of those around the world. I’ve observed how cultural norms have shaped the education, military, and labor systems both at home and abroad. I’ve experienced firsthand how factors such as gender and race can have varying effects on a person’s role in society depending on their location. It’s obvious the impact culture has on a society, a state, and thus international relations. And what better way to influence culture than through media?

Media was instrumental in shaping American society’s views towards the Cold War. It flamed the Civil Rights movement and helped put out the Vietnam War. Since its inception it became clear to media producers that such a tool could be used for far more than just entertainment. And when I started thinking about how I would pursue my life goals, it became my tool of choice. 

Today I’m delighted to introduce JPI Faculty Insights, a new media project where I interview NYU professors about current IR topics in an absorbing audio podcast format. It’s a refreshing way to have thoughtful conversations with field experts that will provide insight into complex, international topics. With JPI Faculty Insights I hope to engage with new audiences in new ways and add to the conversations being held by current and next generation global decision makers. 

This is only the first step of a lifelong pursuit to create compelling and influential media content. I hope to continue this project and venture into other media formats during my time with JPI, and always welcome collaborators who share the same interests. 

Thank you for your interest in this new, exciting JPI Online project. If you would like to collaborate with JPI’s multimedia team, e-mail Roya Lotfi at

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