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Fall 2022 Issue

JPI Journal is pleased to announce that this semester’s theme will be:

Democracy in Decline

Around the world, democracy is under attack. The election of populist leaders that reject pluralism continues to be a dominant theme of the 21st-century world order. As more countries slowly pull away from liberal democracy, the international world is faced with new threats that directly challenge existing governments and respective policies. However, as authoritarianism rises, so does conflict. Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and China’s increased aggressive incursions on Taiwan’s sovereignty have raised the stakes for a future world war. Moreover, as new alliances are formed, the West finds itself unable to hold certain states accountable for offenses concerning human rights and climate change. 

This semester’s journal will address some of the causes and effects of democracy’s decline. We are looking for submissions that address, but are not limited to, the following areas:

The Rise of China–Does China’s political system offer an alternate and viable form of governance?

Taiwan’s Sovereignty Under Attack

Russia’s Return to Power–Is Ukraine just a stepping stone?

America’s Decline in Influence

The Increase in Disinformation Campaigns/The Role of Technology

European Politics–The rise of a fascist Italy? Britain’s shaky elections

Forward-looking papers or policy papers –> What do you think will happen in the next decade?

We are always looking for more regional focuses, so please feel free to submit a piece that you think will complement this semester’s journal topic. 

For those who are interested in submitting a piece to JPI, the journal will tentatively be published at the end of the semester/beginning of the Spring semester. Please note that the paper you submit has to be a research-style paper (10+ pg) with proper citations. The paper will first be subjected to a double-blind read to determine if the argument is strong and fits the theme of the paper. Should your paper be selected, you will be contacted to do more rounds of edits. All disciplines are welcome to apply.

To submit please email and CC’ the following emails:

Elizabeth Jefimova –
Melissa Sukniqi –