May 24, 2024

Submission Guideline for JPI Online Magazine

Thank you for considering submitting your work to the Journal of Political Inquiry (JPI) Online Magazine. We welcome a variety of submissions, including political analysis essays, opinion pieces, political reviews, and multimedia content. Please review the following guidelines before submitting your work:

  1. Political Analysis Essays:

    • Aim to provide readers with a deeper understanding of political issues or events.
    • Focus on examining the political context, analyzing key political actors, or exploring policy consequences.
    • Minimize the use of first-person pronouns (I/Me) to maintain objectivity.
    • Essays should be evidence-based and scholarly in nature.
  2. Opinion Pieces:

    • Offer a personal perspective and viewpoints on political matters.
    • Deliberately subjective, aiming to persuade and advocate for a particular position.
    • Use personal experiences, research, or analysis to support opinions.
    • Emphasize building a compelling case and may employ rhetoric or evoke emotion.
  3. Reviews:

    • Critically evaluate the political themes and messages conveyed by cultural or artistic products.
    • Focus on books, films, documentaries, television shows, plays, art exhibitions, conferences, etc.
    • Analyze how these products reflect or engage with contemporary political issues and debates.
  4. Multimedia Content:

    • JPI seeks various types of media, including videos, photos, political cartoons, podcasts, and more.
    • Multimedia pieces should tell a news story or explore political topics through visual or auditory means.
    • Contact us if you are interested in contributing to the multimedia department.

We value intellectual balance, honesty, and rigor in political dialogue. Avoid inflammatory or wantonly polarizing stances. We encourage thought-provoking, well-reasoned pieces that explore original ideas, free from sensationalist or partisan talking points.

Our contributors primarily include academics, graduate students, activists, journalists, and anyone with original ideas who argued well. We aim for engaging pieces that strike a balance between accessibility and avoiding baffling jargon.

Word Count:

  • No formal maximum or minimum word counts, but submissions around 1,500 words are encouraged.
  • Very brief remarks or notes are rarely published.

Submission Process:

  • Email your written piece to
  • Use the subject line to indicate the type of piece you are submitting (e.g., Political Analysis Essay, Opinion Piece, Political Review).
  • In the body of your email, provide a brief summary of your piece’s thesis.
  • Attach your completed work as a Word document.
  • We only accept unpublished pieces.
  • We will get back to you within three days. 

Editing and Publication:

  • We may edit submissions for readability, concision, and adherence to our publication style.
  • Our goal is to maintain the author’s unique voice and seek their approval for any changes made.
  • We appreciate your cooperation in shaping your essay to bring out its full potential.

We look forward to receiving your eloquent and insightful ideas at JPI. Join us in fostering meaningful political dialogue through thoughtful and engaging contributions.