June 17, 2024


The Journal of Political Inquiry (JPI) is an online news magazine and academic journal, led by graduate students and affiliated with the Department of International Relations at New York University. Since its inception in 2007, JPI has served as a platform for policy perspectives and intellectual exploration within the university community, while also amplifying student voices to a wider audience in both the domestic and international academic publishing communities.

At JPI, we are dedicated to upholding the core tenets of journalistic excellence: honesty, tenacity, and steadfast independence. We are committed to cultivating a deep understanding of everyone, resisting the urge to divide ourselves into tribes, and prioritizing the free exchange of ideas as a vital component of a democratic society.

Our publication strives to publish stories that provide a window into the world as it is, not as we might wish it to be. Our mission is to hold a mirror to the world, reflecting the messiness, complexity, and nuance of contemporary political discourse. We publish thought-provoking political analyses and commentaries that challenge the status quo, while also shining a light on neglected or misrepresented topics. We seek to provide a space where curious readers can access diverse perspectives on complicated issues, form their own opinions, and engage in civil discourse amid the current political polarization. Our editors and contributors are a diverse group, including those on the political left, right, and center, as well as human rights campaigners, prominent academics, international students, and even first-time writers.

While we never shy away from controversial issues, we also steer clear of inflammatory clickbait, hyperbole, and scaremongering. Our goal is not to posture, but to persuade. We recognize that readers may not always agree with the viewpoints expressed in our publication, but we believe that this diversity of thought is essential to fostering a thriving democracy.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at jpinquiry@gmail.com.