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Journal of Political Inquiry


The Pandora Papers: Why You Should Care

On Sunday, October 3rd, various media organizations worldwide reported on the leak of around 11.9 million files that revealed how some of the wealthiest individuals around the world––including world leaders, government officials, monarchs, celebrities, and business leaders––hid their assets through wealth concealment and tax avoidance strategies.

Monday Briefing | September 13

September 13, 2021 featured headlines include a new anti-abortion law in Texas, updates on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and new vaccination requirements in the United States.

Monday Briefing | May 10

Photo credit: Stories to follow: This year marks the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland’s foundation, and the European Parliament recently voted to approve Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal.…

Monday Briefing | May 3

Photo: Small businesses continue to struggle as New York City lifts social distancing restrictions. Credit:   Stories to follow: With many workers still remote…