May 24, 2024


Stories to Follow

Oregon Shooting

A gunman’s attack on Umpqua Community College campus leaves nine dead. The rampage highlights the ongoing problem of gun violence in the United States. A frustrated and hopeless President Obama addressed the nation in an attempt to catalyze social change.

Russia Begins Airstrikes in Syria

Russia initiated its first wave of military intervention in Syria’s civil war. Many questions were left lingering in the international community. Russia’s Ministry of Defense insists the airstrikes targeted ISIL forces, while others point to the strikes’ focus on anti-Assad insurgents.


Upcoming Events

Korean Unification: Possibility and Desirability
October 6th, 5-7 PM | Kimmel Center NYU
Join five leading experts in their field discuss the politics of a unified Korea.


A Reading by the Academy of Poets Chancellors.
October 8th, 6.30 PM | NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. Join the Academy of American Poets as they present an evening of award winning poets from the United States.


In Your Spare Time

If you’re a fan of comedy or simply a self-reflective human being, check out Fresh Air’s interview with comedian Louis C.K. It is one of the most candid and illuminating one-on-one interviews. Enjoy.

Check out the new Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He’s no Jon Stewart, but he is still very funny.

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