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Monday Briefing|April 18

Photo by Dena Motevalian
Photo by Dena Motevalian

Stories to Follow

 Sanders’ political revolution fills Washington Square Park

Less than a week before New Yorkers vote in the primaries on April 19, Bernie Sanders held his rally on Wednesday in Washington Square Park with huge welcoming crowds of supporters.
Washington Square Park, a hub for artists, activists, and musicians located right by the NYU campus, served as the ideal location for the candidate’s speech.

Panama Papers political fallout continue
A set of 11.5 billion confidential documents from the corporate service provider Mossack Fonseca, with detailed information about tax evasion schemes of more than 214.000 offshore companies and leaders around the world, continues to devestate the public.
A few days ago, Vladimir Putin of Russia accused the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung for being owned by the US Bank Goldman sacks and later denied his claim and apologized for misinformation from aides.

A new Chapter for the EU-Iran relations
Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign affairs leader, entered Tehran to meet the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in order to negotiate a new deal. The intention of the meeting was to develop a broad and comprehensive agenda for bilateral cooperation.

 Upcoming events

The NYU Celebration of 47th Earth Day anniversary
The NYU celebrates the 47th Earth day anniversary with events cheduled throughout the month.
The program this week includes film screenings, food festival, educational experiences and a few panel discussions on environment, plant-based life style, food industry and labeling act. RSVP to some of the events are required!

NYU LGBTQ unzipped series this week: Queering Conventionality: Kink, BDSM, and Toys
The NYU LGBTQ community presents Lolita Wolf who discovered the BDSM scene back in the 80’s and is an activist of sexual freedom of all consenting adults. Likewise she has taught for organizations and events across the country. For more information about Lolita Wolf please visit Her website at:
On April 19th at the Kimmel center there will be an interactive workshop that brings a guest every month to engage more students on discussions over gender equality, freedom of sex and taboos of Queerness.


Edgar Degas at MOMA this week
Check out the work of Edgar Degas at “The Strange New Beauty” in MOMA this week.
The exhibition includes nearly 120 rarely seen monotypes, along with 60 related paintings, drawings and prints that show the approach of Degas in his study of form and his endless innovation in different mediums of key motifs.

In your spare time

Better Call Saul
“Breaking Bad’s” charming attorney, Saul Goodman is on TV to tell us how he began representing Albuquerque’s most notorious criminal cases. With interesting sceneries, shrewd script and story, this TV show is on its second season now and can be an interesting show to watch on your free time. It is on Netflix and on Hulu.

Sounds of the Middle East
For something different, check out music from the Israeli Yemeni electronic folk dance group “ A-Wa” with fascinating beats and the Iranian underground music band 127Band with an alternative sound of Iranian melodies and Jazz.

This Monday Briefing brought to you by Dena Motevalian.

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