June 14, 2024

Protesters during an Aug. 6 demonstration in Addis Ababa. Photo | Tiksa Negeri of Reuters

Protesters during an Aug. 6 demonstration in Addis Ababa. Photo | Tiksa Negeri of Reuters
Protesters during an Aug. 6 demonstration in Addis Ababa. Photo | Tiksa Negeri of Reuters

Stories to Follow:

US and UK considering sanctions as Aleppo crisis deepens
Once Syria’s largest city, Aleppo has now become synonymous with crisis. The Russian-backed Syrian army continues to aggressively strike the rebel-held eastern portion of the city, bombing several hospitals on Friday and leaving Aleppo’s medical care system “in shambles.” As the most recent bout of diplomatic talks in Switzerland failed to reach an agreement over the weekend, the US and the UK have now confirmed that they are considering additional sanctions against Russia. Given that sanctions arguably had little impact on persuading Russia to alter its course in Crimea, it’s uncertain as to whether they will have any tangible effect here, either.

An emergency in Ethiopia
The Ethiopian government declared a state of emergency last week, following an escalation in violent anti-government protests. The current wave of demonstrations began in 2014, and while the government acquiesced to the protesters’ initial demands to halt the expansion of the capital, protesters are now demanding a more substantive democracy and better respect for human rights. The government has responded with an iron fist, and Human Rights Watch estimates that between November 2015 and August 2016, there were at least 500 protest-related deaths in the country. Under the rules of the state of emergency instituted last week, diplomats are forbidden from traveling more than 25 miles from the capital and the already-stifled political opposition is further restricted.


This Week in JPI;

The Hazards of Hilary “Hillary Clinton is a more comfortable preacher at the pulpit than politician at the podium. Yet, coming from a weathered politician, Clinton’s moralistic arguments render as a politician’s fiction. It is hard not to judge her words against the recent controversies over her use of a private email server and close ties with Wall Street elites. The fundamental question of Clinton’s trustworthiness—her integrity—frames her entire candidacy for president. This is Hillary’s hazard.” Read More.

A Leaderless Movement: Gordon Brown on Globalization “Brown gave a talk at New York University on September 15, on the subject of globalization and anti-globalization movements. He covered the implications of Brexit for politicians in Europe and the rest of the world, and suggested policy solutions against the right-wing populist movements… In wake of the panic stirred worldwide by Brexit, this speech was part of a string of appearances Brown offers at academic institutions around the world.” Read More.


Happening This Week

The final presidential debate
October 19, 2016, 9:00PM-10:30PM |All major TV networks, and several places online, including YouTube and Facebook Live
The third and final presidential debate, hosted by  the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and moderated by Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, will take place this Wednesday. Tune in at 9:00pm sharp to see if the two candidates decide, this time around, to shake hands.

2016 Conference on “The Global Migration Crisis”
October 20, 2016 at 8:30AM-1:30PM | Rosenthal Pavilion, NYU Kimmel Center
NYU’s Development Research Institute, in conjunction with the University’s Africa House and its C.V. Starr Center (within the Department of Economics) is hosting a free conference on the global migration crisis. Speakers include William Easterly and Yaw Nyarko. Register here.

In your free time

Westworld: Thandie Newton and Rachel Evan Wood as sympathetic robot clones, Anthony Hopkins as a dark genius, and a near-future science fiction plot based on a story by Michael Crichton are an enrapturing combination. Check it out on HBO.

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