April 15, 2024

Protestors in Venezuela decry the shortage of medicine in the country. Photo | Barreto/AFP/Getty Images.

Protestors in Venezuela decry the shortage of medicine in the country. Photo | Barreto/AFP/Getty Images.
Protestors in Venezuela decry the shortage of medicine in the country. Photo | Barreto/AFP/Getty Images.

Stories to Follow:

 Venezuela experiencing a public health crisis
Extreme inflation, part of a major economic downturn in Venezuela, has led to shortages of food, drugs and sanitary products in the country. Without proper supplies, the gains made in public health over the last 20 years are eroding, and doctors in the country report that they “have to improvise like doctors in a war.” The health emergency continues to unfold while, on October 20, electoral officials suspended a recall referendum against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro making it likely that he will continue in his position until at least 2019.

Storm threatens Myanmar and Bangladesh with potentially severe flooding
A tropical depression in the Bay of Bengal appears poised to bring flooding rains to Myanmar and Bangladesh early this week. This developing natural disaster endangers Myanmar at a particularly critical moment as Myanmar’s shaky transition to democracy is threatened by a recent ethnic and sectarian violence in the northern Rakhine state.

 This Week in JPI:

 Governments at the Table, NGOs on the Sidelines “Non-governmental organizations at the UN give activists, volunteers and other members of society their best chance to influence global policy decisions. This is especially true for those whose countries give citizens little or no sway over who represents them. But the participation of these nonprofits in UN decision-making relies on the goodwill of governments, and for many NGOs, this means no representation at all.” Read More.

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 Happening This Week:

 A Conversation with Paulo Carreño, Mexico’s Undersecretary for North American Affairs
Wednesday, October 26, Reception at 6:00PM; Talk begins 6:30PM | The Great Room (ground floor), 19 University Place
Mexico’s Undersecretary for North American Affairs, Paulo Carreño and NYU Adjunct Assistant Professor, Roy Germano will discuss misperceptions Americans have about Mexico and how Mexico and the United States can strengthen their bilateral relationship. RSVP here.

Competition and Globalization in Developing Economies
Friday, October 28, 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM | Greenberg Lounge, Vanderbilt Hall 40 Washington Square South
This full-day conference, featuring a roundtable discussion with developing country officials, “will address globalization and the rise of regionalism and what this means for developing countries.” RSVP here.

 In Your Spare Time:

 If you are looking for a scare this Halloween, check out The Uninvited for a unique interactive theater experience where audiences will be immersed in  horror with “45 actors, stunt performers and aerial artists.”

For a more relaxing experience, read the What If blog where cartoonist Randall Munroe provides “serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions.”

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