April 20, 2024
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Stories to Follow

How ZTE Helps Venezuela Create Chinese-Style Social ControlAmid political uncertainty for Venezuelan President Maduro the “Chinese telecoms giant ZTE is helping Venezuela build a system that monitors citizen behavior through a new identification card.” With the assistance of China, the “fatherland card” was officially launched in 2016. ZTE was tasked to develop the fatherland card database for the use of tracking voters in the May 2018 election. In addition, the Maduro government now demands fatherland cards will be required to receive pensions and purchase subsidized fuel.

Defense strategy report warns of grave erosion in US military superiority: As requested by Congress, the independent National Defense Strategy Commission released its assessment of U.S. defense strategy and the “larger geopolitical environment.” The report states that U.S. military superiority has “eroded to a dangerous degree,” with the potential of “grave and lasting” consequences should Congress fail to properly fund the Department of Defense. Most notably, the report warns that if the U.S. is faced with multiple conflicts simultaneously, it is at risk of losing.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Faces Coalition Crisis Amid Minister Resignations: For the first time in four years, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces a serious threat to his coalition, as key ministers resigned and called for early elections. “In a meeting with Netanyahu on Thursday, Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, whose Kulanu party contributes 10 seats to the coalition government, called for a new government.” The calls for the dissolve of the government, follow the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman last Wednesday.

Happening This Week

Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Parade: 9am-noon, November 22nd.

The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving parade will begin on 77th and Central Park West and end at 34th St.

The New York City Ballet Nutcracker

The classic Nutcracker performance will kick off its seasonal debut this Friday the 23rd through December 30th.

In Your Free Time

For the train: TED has launched a new podcast series wherein Chris Anderson, the head of TED interviews and discusses with some of the most interesting people.

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