May 24, 2024
Photo Credit: St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo, Sri Lanka/Ishara K. Kodikara/New York Times

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Fire damages Notre Dame Cathedral: fire ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15, and the 850-year-old landmark was severely damaged. 400 firefighters were stationed to extinguish the fire, and there was a severe injury of one person. The two-thirds of the cathedral’s historic roofing was destroyed, and in response to the catastrophe, President Emmanuel Macron promised the government would try to restore the monument within five years. 

North Korea conducts a test on new tactical guided weapon: North Korea said it test-fired new tactical guided weapon on April 17, and according to the test showed Kim Jong-un’s efforts to end the sanctions on the North Korean economy. Analysts said the test was North Korea’s response to the failure of its summit with the United States in February 2019, and the weapon test was the first launch made by North Korea after North Korea launched missile in November 2017.

Sri Lanka churches bomb attacked on Easter Sunday: Churches in Sri Lanka were bomb attacked on Easter Sunday April 21. At least 200 people were killed and 450 people were wounded. The attacks were targeted on the minority Christian community and tourists.

This Week in JPI

The ‘Arab Spring’ has Sprung Again in the Middle East
Brittany Brown writes for JPI about protests springing up in the Middle East; from Sudan to Algeria, to Libya and Egypt. Are the events transpiring in the region proof that history will repeat itself? Or will the region be able to rewrite its history?

Tech Industry Growth is Manifesting in Right-Wing Extremism
Jamphel Shonu writes for JPI about how the growth of the tech industry can be connected to a rise in right-wing fanaticism.

Happening This week 


Are you a foodie? Smorgasburg is back! This grub hub is open every Saturday at two locations, World Trade Center and Williamsburg, and there are 75 to 100 food vendors featuring at the market. Click herefor more information!

Sandro and Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale 

Do you love fashion? Sandro and Diane von Furstenberg are featuring sample sale this week from April 23 to 28. Click herefor more information! 

In Your Free Time

Tenement Museum

Photo Credit: Tenement Museum Official Website

Tenement Museum is a museum featuring the history of American immigrants. Located at 97 Orchard Street, the museum has been opened since 1988. It’s a perfect way to spend the weekend with family and friends. Click here for more information. 

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