April 20, 2024

Monday Briefing | November 30

Photo: Mayor de Blasio announced that some schools will begin to reopen on Dec. 7. Credit: https://www.wsj.com/articles/de-blasio-gives-up-on-educating-poor-kids-11566947350

Photo: Mayor de Blasio announced that some schools will begin to reopen on Dec. 7. Credit: https://www.wsj.com/articles/de-blasio-gives-up-on-educating-poor-kids-11566947350

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In the midst of an unusual Thanksgiving, the news cycle has not slowed. Despite CDC recommendations to avoid travel for the holiday, airports in the United States had their busiest days since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this increasing risk, New York City Mayor de Blasio announced Sunday that elementary schools in New York City will reopen this week. With shifting regulations and growing threats posed by increased travel, COVID-19 will continue to be at the forefront of national news in the coming weeks. 

In addition, a partial recount of the presidential election in Wisconsin concluded on Sunday, solidifying Biden’s win over Trump, with an increased margin of 87 votes. Overall, this means that Biden won Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes by a margin of about 20,000. 

Happening this week 

This Monday, the Seth Concert Series will interview Broadway’s Patt Murin and Colin Donnell at 3:00PM. Get your tickets online from the NYU Box Office. 

On Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., log onto the free webinar on Colonialism, Sex, and Disease, featuring speakers Adia Abbas, Charu Gupta, & Nayan Shah. Register through CSGS

In your free time 

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s officially time to start watching winter holiday movies! Kristen Stewart stars alongside Aubrey Plaza in the new Christmas rom-com “Happiest Season” on Hulu. The movie follows the lesbian couple as they attend a family’s holiday party.

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