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Posts published by “Maël Le Roux”

Maël Le Roux (he/him) is a second-year MA student in the International Relations program at NYU, focusing on the Asian concentration. He is originally from Paris, France and holds a double Bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science from the Paris 8 University. Passionate about diplomacy and security matters, he has been the UN Advocacy Intern for ChildFund Alliance, and regularly writes articles, notably in the New York Transatlantic and the Journal of Political Inquiry. His research interest are international security, France, the EU, and his regional focus is on Asia-Pacific. On his free-time he enjoys photography, walking around the city, going to obscure local shops and complaining about ice hockey.

Poland Under Fire: What the Missile Crisis Teaches Us About NATO’s Response and the Containment of the Ukraine Conflict

On Tuesday, November 15, Poland reported two missile strikes against the town of Przewodów, located 6 kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. The strike resulted in two civilian casualties. While Russia was initially suspected, it has since been confirmed that the missiles were fired by Ukrainian air defenses against an incoming Russian missile. Regardless of the missile’s origin, we have never been closer to the risk of a global war since the start of the Ukrainian conflict.