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Posts published by “Roya Lotfi”

Roya Lotfi (she/her) is a first year MA student in International Relations at NYU. She received a BS in Biology from Montclair State University but always had a fierce interest in domestic and international politics, and decided to follow her passion by transitioning into the IR field. Before starting at NYU, she worked in the field of video production and hopes to utilize those skills as JPI’s Multimedia Officer. Her long term career goal is to produce video content on the topics of current events and international relations at a media journalism organization. In her free time she likes to read and take long walks around Prospect Park.

The Pandora Papers: Why You Should Care

On Sunday, October 3rd, various media organizations worldwide reported on the leak of around 11.9 million files that revealed how some of the wealthiest individuals around the world––including world leaders, government officials, monarchs, celebrities, and business leaders––hid their assets through wealth concealment and tax avoidance strategies.