July 15, 2024

Vietnam’s president resigns, raising questions over stability

Only a year after his election, the Vietnamese Communist Party accepted President Vo Van Thuong’s resignation due to his violation of unspecified “party rules,” which the government characterized as having negatively affected the Party and the State’s reputation. The resignation comes amid Vietnam’s widespread anti-corruption campaign. The political change raises concerns for foreign investors over the country’s reliability and stability. Click link to read more.

By Reuters via CNN, published March 20, 2024.

Hong Kong lawmakers unanimously approve security law giving government more power to curb dissent

The new “Safeguarding National Security Bill” raises concerns over civil liberties within Hong Kong, including harsh penalties for “endangering national security.” The law received unanimous support from Hong Kong lawmakers, many of whom have strong ties to Beijing. Many attribute the legislation as another step in the “political crackdown” implemented since the 2019 protests. Click link to read more.

By Kanis Leung via Associated Press, published March 20, 2024.

Irish voters reject bid to rewrite constitution’s view of women and family

The Irish public dismissed proposed amendments to rewrite conservative Constitutional language around women and gender as “too weak.” The amendments sought to (1) remove marriage as a requirement for a family and (2) change language about women’s duties being “in the home.” Both were rejected. Click link to read more.

By Shawn Pogatchnik via Politico, published March 9, 2024.

Centre right wins Portuguese election as far-right surges” 

Portugal’s recent election saw the centre-right claim a narrow victory with little chance of forming a majority government. The outcome leaves Portugal’s parliament at its most fragmented since 1974. Despite the centre-right triumph, creating a stable government appears challenging, with the far-right poised to gain influence amid economic and political instability. Click link to read more.

By Paul Kirby & Alison Roberts via BBC, published March 10, 2024.

Haiti’s PM Ariel Henry tenders resignation as country descends into chaos

Following a meeting of Caribbean states regarding the recent violence in Haiti, Ariel Henry has agreed to step down as prime minister in favor of a transitional council. The United States and CARICOM nations show support for the plan in hopes that it will quell violence from armed gangs in the country. Click link to read more.

Via Al Jazeera, published March 12, 2024.

Cuba’s president blasts ‘interventionist’ U.S. amid protests over shortages

Shortages of food and power in Cuba have led to significant protests, the largest ones in Santiago. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel argues that the United States blockade exacerbates the problems. The State Department has called these claims “absurd.” Click link to read more.

By Orlando Matos, Roberto Leon, and Carmen Sesin via NBC, published March 19, 2024.

Israel asks ICJ not to order new measures over looming famine in Gaza

As international organizations continue to raise concerns about widespread famine in Gaza, the ICJ is considering new emergency orders against Israel’s handling of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israel asks the ICJ to refuse the measures requested by South Africa, while aid groups continue to describe the famine as “entirely man-made.” Click link to read more.

Via Al Jazeera, published March 18, 2024.

EU pledges billions of euros for Egypt as it seeks to curb migration

The deal establishes a “strategic relationship” between the EU and Egypt, with a 7.4 billion euro agreement. The funding will help bolster Egypt’s struggling economy with loans and grants, including 200 million euros for “managing migration.” The EU hopes that this partnership will slow the flow of migration from Egypt into Europe, mainly through Libya. Click link to read more.

By Patrick Werr via Reuters, published March 17, 2024.

US House passes bill that could ban TikTok nationwide

The bill would require Bytedance, Tik Tok’s Beijing-based parent company, to sell its controlling shares within six months of its passing. The passage of this legislation in the House is a bi-partisan agreement, with many members arguing that it reduces a potential national security threat. Click link to read more.

By Bernd Debusmann, Matt Murphy & Natalie Sherman via BBC, published March 13, 2024.

Canada to halt arms sales to Israel after non-binding vote in house of commons

The vote was the result of a deal between the New Democratic Party and the Liberals and showed a more firm stance from Canadian politicians on Israel’s actions in the war. Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Mélanie Joly, has stated that her government will comply with the vote. However, many have criticized it as “watered-down” or “misguided and dangerous.” Click link to read more.

By Leyland Cecco via The Guardian, published March 19, 2024.

The Gambia votes to reverse landmark ban on female genital mutilation

The vote passed 42 to 4 in favor of reversing the ban, potentially making the Gambia the first country in the world to take such measures. The legislator who introduced the bill argued that the ban violates the right to religious and cultural practices. Many human rights groups, including UNICEF, argue that the bill will pose significant health risks and human rights risks for women and children. Click link to read more.

Via Al Jazeera, published March 19, 2024.

Threat of regional war intensifies as DR Congo rebels close in on Goma

Fighting between armed M23 rebels and the DRC’s government forces has intensified around the capital city of Goma. The DRC government blames Rwanda for its support of the rebels, a sentiment the United States echoes. Aid agencies have expressed deep concern about the fighting, as over 700,000 displaced people cannot access humanitarian aid. Click link to read more.

By Gioia Shah via The Financial Times, published March 19, 2024.

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