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Spring 2015 Issue



The Journal of Political Inquiry

Spring 2015 Issue

Thank you authors, editors, and readers!

Letter from the Editor
Madeleine Wykstra

Editorial Board

Spring 2015 Papers

Sexual Citizenship and EU Conditionality
Séhzad M. Sooklall

Does Official Development Assistance Contribute to Long- Term Growth and Stability in Afghanistan?
David Esmati

From Operation Serval to Barkhane: Understanding France’s Increased Involvement in Africa in the Context of Françafrique and Post- colonialism
Carmen Cuesta Roca

China’s Economic Espionage: Stealing, not Destroying
Reema Hibrawi

The Anti-Communist Myth: A critical examination of aggregate U.S. foreign policy analysis of the Cold War
Dylan Heyden

An Appraisal of the Joint Development Approach to the South China Sea Dispute: Prospects and Challenges
Guan Hui Lee

Is Sustained Economic Growth in Russia’s Future?
Joel Alexander

Iraq: State Or National Collapse?
Paul Mutter

Power to the Babushkas? Reconsidering the Relationship between Russian Politics and the Elderly
Ilaria Parogni

From Multi-Party to Two-Party System: The Applicability of Duverger’s Law and the Taiwanese Election Reform
Pei-Yu Wei

Empowering Women or Hollow Words? Gender References in Peace Agreements
Lori Perkovich

A New Cold War in the Arctic?
Roma Parhad

Faculty Spotlight: A Conversation with Professor Michael Williams
Jordan Clifford

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