July 13, 2024

Picture by John Taggart / EPA

Picture by John Taggart / EPA
Picture by John Taggart / EPA

Too busy to check the news last week? No worries. Check NBC News’s A Week in Pictures for January 28 to February 4.

Stories to Follow

The New Hampshire Primary
After a close win in Iowa, Hillary Clinton hopes to cement her lead for the Democratic nomination in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, February 9th. Bernie Sanders will hope to build upon his recent momentum. In the polls, he has a double-digit lead over Clinton in New Hampshire.

Ted Cruz, who took the lead for the Republicans in Iowa, will hope to repeat that success and extend his advantage over Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. New Hampshire is the first primary of the election race (Iowa was a caucus) and is hugely important for candidates hoping to increase their donor support. For more information on what is at stake, visit this website. Analysis on the Republican candidates’ chances here.

New Sanctions on North Korea
After an emergency UN Security Council meeting on Sunday 7 February, the council announced that it would be adopting a new set of sanctions in response to North Korea’s launch of a long-range rocket on Sunday morning. The most recent test comes almost exactly a month after North Korea tested a nuclear bomb on January 6.
The rocket passed over Japan and landed in the Philippines. Japan’s UN envoy Motohide Yoshikawa condemned the launch as “a clear threat to the lives of many people.”
Pyongyang maintains that the rocket was fired to place a satellite in orbit, but critics believe that the regime is trying to develop ballistic missile technology. More here and here.

Upcoming Events

“Politics and Pints” event with the NYU’s International Relations and Politics Association
Wednesday 10 February, 5-8pm | West 3 Common
A welcome to all new members- come and enjoy Happy Hour with IRPA!

Democratic Presidential Primary Debate Watch Party hosted by NYU College Democrats
Thursday 11 February, 8.45pm| Kimmel 803
Clinton vs Sanders in Wisconsin, courtesy of PBS. It will also be live streamed here.

Central Park Ice Festival, Saturday 13th February, 3-7pm | Central Park— free and unticketed
Witness ice carving specialists transform mounds of ice into a replica of one of the Park’s most iconic statues. Silent disco will follow.


In Your Spare Time

In the mood for a laugh?
Stephen Colbert moderates a Trump vs. Trump debate on The Late Show on Thursday January 28.

The beginning of Saturday night’s GOP debate was excruciatingly awkward when Ben Carson and Donald Trump forgot how to respond to their names.

Chelsea Clinton is obviously feeling the Bern- she made an awkward slip when she referred to Sanders as President Sanders last Wednesday!

Or for something more serious?
This week’s BBC’s news Podcast “From Our Own Correspondent” looks at the human stories behind the headlines: the Zika virus, private militias searching for poachers in Kenya and the Syria peace talks in Geneva. Find it on the Apple Podcasts app or here.

Jonathan Powell’s book Talking to Terrorists: How to End Armed Conflicts, released in paperback in 2015, looks at why and how governments should negotiate with terrorists. It draws on conflicts like Palestine, Columbia and Northern Ireland, many of which Powell has personal experience of during his almost two decades working as a mediator. The book is hopeful: Powell believes there is no armed conflict that cannot be resolved through communication. See what you think- it is relatively cheap to buy on Amazon.

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