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Monday Briefing | November 7

Protesters wearing masks of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye (front) and her confidante Choi Soon-Sil demonstrate at a candle-lit rally in Seoul, on October 29, 2016 AFP/Jung Yeon-Je
Protesters wearing masks of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye (front) and her confidante Choi Soon-Sil demonstrate at a candle-lit rally in Seoul, on October 29, 2016 AFP/Jung Yeon-Je.

Stories to Follow

President of South Korea Engulfed in Scandal
Accusations have surfaced of South Korean president Park Geun-hye allowing her longtime friendship with a woman named Choi Soon-sil to negatively influence government affairs, including the extortion of $69 million in donations to Choi’s foundations. Last Monday, South Korean prosecutors detained Choi and since then, thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Seoul calling for President Park’s resignation. To make matters worse, Choi is the daughter of Choi Tae-min–founder of a shamanistic religious cult, leading to heightened concerns over the informal political advisor’s impact.

The Battle for Mosul Rages On
On October 17, Iraqi federal forces attacked the ISIS-occupied town of Hammam al-Alil on the outskirts of Mosul, launching a long anticipated offensive to liberate the city. Amidst the fighting, scores of civilians have died in mass executions and as human shields against the strikes. Thousands of others have become refugees in what the UN Refugee Agency called “the largest displacement of people from Mosul since the start of the offensive.”  While Iraqi forces face poor communication and lack of reinforcements on the field, there have been reports of ISIS losing ground. However, we have yet to see how the future for ISIS will unfold.

 This Week in JPI

Surge in US Citizenship Applications as Immigrants Demand the Vote
“Students nestle into desks in a crowded classroom at elementary school PS 69 in the Jackson Heights, neighborhood of Queens, New York. But it is after school hours, and no children are to be seen. Instead, adult immigrants from countries ranging from Colombia to Nepal open their spiraled notebooks lined with facts about US presidents and constitutional amendments. An instructor asks the class, ‘Why do you want to become a US citizen?’ The response: ‘I want to vote.'” Read More

Happening This Week

Election Results!
But you already knew that. Whatever the result, at least it’ll be over! Brace yourself…

Screening: “Ladies First”: Saudi Arabia’s Female Candidates
Saturday November 12 | 6:00 PM-9:00 PM | NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, 238 Thompson St New York, NY
In Saudi Arabia, women still can’t drive. But they have been recently granted the right to vote and to run in an election. This documentary takes us inside the ultraconservative kingdom and largely inaccessible world of Saudi women. Screening followed by dialogue with journalists from The New York Times, Mona El-Naggar and Yousur Al-hlou. RSVP here.

Grey Art Gallery Exhibit: A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman
Now-December 10 | Grey Art Gallery, 100 Washington Square East New York, NY
“A Feast of Astonishments” is the first museum exhibition to explore the art and impact of Charlotte  Moorman  (1933–1991)—cellist,  performance  artist,  and  impresario.  Best known for her collaborations with Nam June Paik, Moorman was a bold, barrier-breaking performer and a tireless champion of the avant-garde. FREE with NYU ID.

In Your Free Time

If you are looking to kick back and watch something interesting, check out Season 1 of Viceland’s show States of Undress. A high fashion model turned journalist, Hailey Gates “explores global fashion and issues the industry often ignores, showing us what the world wears and why.” In reality, this show explores much more than fashion and shows viewers the underlying political and cultural currents of countries around the world. The interviews reveal a rare, candid side of people. Check out a clip here.

This Monday Briefing was brought to you by Alina Zheng.

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