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Fall 2016 Issue


Exploring an Unconventional Approach to Denuclearization: Applying Lessons from the Argentine-Brazilian Nuclear Cooperation to Curtail the Nuclear Arms Race in South Asia
Jirawat Chotipatoomwan

Economic Diversification in Saudi Arabia: The Challenges of a Rentier State
Doreen Horschig

“Reform or Die:” Doi Moi, TPP, and the Legitimacy of Power in Vietnam
Andrew Keough

How Coalitions in the Islamic Republic of Iran Maintain the Regime’s Stability: A Review on the Competition Among the Coalitions and Blocs of Power in Post-Revolution Iran
Dena Motevalian

Mill on Paternalism
Eunseong Oh

The Social Aspects of Brazilian Cinema: The Dyadic Relations Between Art and Society and its Ramifications in the Retomada Movement
Laura Rossi

The Making of Modern Human Rights
Brittany Stubbs

Fall 2016 Issue (full)

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