July 13, 2024
Boris Johnson departs Downing Street for a meeting with the Queen. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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Impeachment Moves to the Next Stage: The House Judiciary Committee approved two articles of impeachment on Friday morning. The full house is expected to vote on the articles next week which, if ratified, will lead to a Senate trial in early January 2020. At the same time, the Justice Department’s inspector general returned a report containing the details of a surveillance program during then-candidate Trump’s campaign for president. In an already politically gridlocked Washington, debates over impeachment, validity of evidence, and appropriateness of internal surveillance are sure to please the Russian premier. Meanwhile, President Trump and his defenders continue to endorse alternative theories despite the conclusions of national security and intelligence professionals.

Conservatives Triumph in British Elections: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson proclaimed victory following General Elections. The Prime Minister promised to dedicate himself to hard work and lead a “people’s government.” As a matter of repaying the voter’s trust, Johnson reiterated his promise to complete Brexit. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn announced his intentions not to run in future elections following the disappointing result for his party, particularly after they were expected to gain ground. In the wake of the NATO summit during which frictions arose between the Europeans, Canadians, and President Trump, Johnson’s re-election solidifies President Trump’s staunch European ally.

Iran Continues to Push Forward: Iran remains committed to its nuclear program and is expected to resume incremental steps toward their goal. Analysts are left attempting to understand Iran’s true intentions. Are they actually attempting to complete their nuclear project or are they attempting to bluff the international community into an agreement on sanctions relief? International sanctions have wreaked havoc on the Iranian economy—a related protest movement was violently suppressed. Although Iran is in no rush, they are aware of the electoral timeline in the United States. There will be additional opportunities to demonstrate their displeasure with the sanctions regime, the effects of which will be amplified as 2020 progresses.

Happening This Week

Winterland | Ongoing, Hours Vary | Pier 17 

Lace up the skates and take part in a New York City tradition. Skate outdoors on the roof of Pier 17 while enjoying the majestic view of the Manhattan skyline. Skip Rockefeller center and savor this experience instead!

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum | Open Daily | 2 East 91st Street

Visit Margaret Carnegie’s bedroom which has been turned into a completely interactive exhibit space. Select your wallpapers and see it projected on the wall. Don’t forget to check out the world’s coolest office and a cone propped up on a bench.

The Broadway Comedy Club | December 20th 12:30p.m. | 318 West 53rd Street

If you always wanted to take part in “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, this is your opportunity. Improvisational comedy meets audience participation. Throw in your suggestions and laugh the afternoon away. Additional shows are available as well.

CUNY Urban Food Policy Forum | December 17th 9:30a.m. – 1:00p.m. |  55 West 125th Street

On the fiftieth anniversary of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known also as food stamps, hear from experts in the field on the history of the program, its successes and where it might go in the future.

In Your Free Time

Hear from Brian Hook, Special Representative for Iran and senior policy advisor to the Secretary of State in a wide-ranging discussion on Iran. 

Let your imagination take over with these creative writing prompts. 

Feeling overwhelmed with papers and finals? Try some of these techniques to relieve some stress.

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