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Justin Feldman (he/him) is a first-year MA student in International Relations at NYU. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2020 with a BA in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies. With collaborative experience in the nonprofit and research sectors, Justin has spearheaded various inter-ethnic and interfaith initiatives, including connecting Middle Eastern consular diplomats and entrepreneurs to grassroots leaders in the U.S. Justin’s primary research and travel has centered on the multipolarity, nationalist threats, and opportunities for ethno-religious diversity in the Middle East and North Africa. When he isn’t obsessing over current events and history, Justin enjoys cooking, Marvel binge-watching, creating Hebrew and Arabic calligraphy, and hiking.

On Iran’s Ambitions, Gulf States and the US Keep Passing the Buck

Much of the Middle East is facing a crisis of indecision on Iran. Despite extensive reporting on Iran’s expansionist ambitions, the Islamic Republic has been making bold demands with the expectation of both Western and Arab acquiescence. Iranian proxy footholds have long eroded the sovereignties of sectarian states. Regional tensions have further deepened due to Tehran’s insistence that a renewed nuclear agreement must preclude the ability of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to investigate undisclosed uranium enrichment facilities.