July 13, 2024

With rigorous research and diverse perspectives, the Spring 2017 issue of JPI presents a rich tapestry of political inquiry.

From Leonardo Dinic’s examination of the water crisis in Syria and Iraq to Ionut Gitan’s analysis of the US-Mexico border policy in the age of terrorism, this issue provides profound insights into critical regional challenges. Additionally, explore Alexander Montero’s exploration of the re-commodification of US higher education and Dena Motevalian’s investigation into oil revenues and rentier states. Laura Powers delves into citizenship rights in West Africa, while Timothy Robustelli explores the unique dynamics of the Haitian anomaly. Brittany Stubbs examines the transition from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offering valuable perspectives on global development frameworks. Danielle Warren assesses the failure of political reform in Egypt, and Alina Zheng analyzes individual attitudes toward free trade.

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