June 24, 2024

Hong Kong fans hold banners and character signs which read “Hong Kong is not China”, during the Chinese national anthem at the World Cup qualifying match between Hong Kong and China in Hong Kong | Photo courtesy REUTERS

Stories to Follow

Saudi Arabia – Missiles and Arrests: On Saturday evening, a missile was intercepted near the King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has said the missile was fired from Yemen by Houthi rebels, a group that the Saudi government is leading a campaign against. On the same day, Saudi Arabia dismissed several senior ministers, arrested eleven princes, and launched a new anti-corruption committee – what some are interpreting as the latest step to consolidate the power of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Disrespect in China: The state has criminalized disrespecting the national anthem, punishable by up to three years in jail. Pro-activist activists fear the new legislation will be used to suppress freedom of speech and protest. This comes on the heels of US President Trump’s lambasting NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, stating it disrespects the flag and, by extension, the armed forces. While the protest began as a statement against police brutality, some critics believe the league is pushing this message aside.

Happening This Week

Film Screening: Western Sahara – A Deserted People | November 6, 7:30 PM, Irish Arts Center, 553 W 51st St
First presented in 2015 by RTÉ as part of its acclaimed What in the World? documentary series, Peadar King’s Western Sahara – A Deserted People tells the story of how the Sahrawi people’s lives have been framed by poverty and injustice over their 40-year-long displacement. It exposes the human consequences of global economic inequalities, a hostile political environment, and human rights violations.
Following the screening, David McKean from Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights will join producer Peadar King in conversation. Buy tickets here.

A Conversation with Mexican Ambassador Diego Gomez Pickering | November 7, 4-6 PM, Lipton Hall, 108 W 3rd St
In our current uncertain political climate, this special speaking engagement provides a unique opportunity to discuss how the Mexican consulate plans to use U.S.-Mexican relations to respond to trade, DACA, and immigration needs in the Trump administration.

Human Security & Post-Conflict Justice After the ‘Arab Spring’ | November 10, 9 AM – 6 PM, 19 University Pl, The Great Room (Ground Floor)
During this one-day workshop, scholars, practitioners and students will discuss human security  and post-authoritarian, post-conflict justice in a post-Arab Spring context. Drawing from case studies across the MENA region and beyond, this workshop aims to provide a space to explore issues of protecting human rights and minorities, maintaining rule of law and accountability, and rebuilding socio-economic and socio-cultural ties.

In Your Free Time

This week only, photographer Stephen Wilkes’ “Day to Night” series will be on display at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in Chelsea. To produce the images for this new gallery show, Wilkes perched at world-famous locations – including the Brooklyn Bridge, Vatican City during Easter,  a Tour de France ride through Paris and the Kumbh Mela Festival in Haridwar, India – to take thousands of images for montages that depict a day’s passage into night. Located at 505 W 24th St, the gallery is free and open from 10am – 6pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

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