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Leon Langdon (he/him) is a second-year MA student at NYU’s International Relations Program. He obtained his undergraduate degree at University College Dublin’s Sutherland School of Law, with a minor in Politics. His research interests include climate issues, conflict resolution, and development studies. Leon has previously written for The Diplomat, the Oxford Political Review, and European Guanxi, as well as having had his work published by The Carter Center. He was also on the editorial board of the UCD SLS Review, and is currently a Peer Reviewer for the Columbia Journal of Asia. Leon also enjoys sports like rock-climbing and GAA, as well as exploring the city’s food scene.

Jeff Bezos: Billionaire, Philanthropist, Greenwasher?

The 27th UN Conference on Climate Change, COP27, saw a pronouncement from French President Emmanuel Macron that the Bezos Earth Fund had pledged $1 billion to protect carbon reserves and biodiversity. With such a prominent pledge, many have begun to ask, what is the Earth Fund, and where is it situated in the architecture of global environmental governance?