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Omad Asaf (he/him) is a second-year MA candidate in NYU’s International Relations department. He received his BA in Political Science from Purdue University while double minoring in Management and Communications. Omad has had experience as an executive assistant at a real estate investment firm and is currently a public relations intern at a nonprofit consulting firm. At NYU, his academic interests center around security studies, peacebuilding, and international development in his regional specialization South Asia. He plans on pursuing a JD in international law after graduation. Besides work, Omad enjoys backpacking, road trips, and reading in his hammock.

Making of a Martyr

Imran Khan’s constitutional coup and subsequent dissolution of the National Assembly has polarized Pakistan; a flurry of allegations has magnified the power of the military in the country's domestic politics. Pakistan’s current constitutional crisis was sparked by a vote of no-confidence against Imran Khan in April 2022, but has escalated further now that Khan has been disqualified from the next set of elections in August 2023. In the wake of the vote of no confidence, Khan rallied unprecedented support against the military establishment while he simultaneously claimed an American conspiracy removed him from office, which may have been fabricated.